How does check in work?

It's easy....mixed race two men stare at camera

After confirming your online or phone reservation you will receive an email with your access data, to complete the registration for check-in we need some information from you so have your driver's license and ID ready. Enter all data, configure your rental and click on "Done". It really is that simple!


You don't have your data at hand right now? No reason to get stressed. You have plenty of options to do this prior to your rental. If you should forget it anyway, we will send you a reminder by e-mail.


Collection of your rental car

Upon arrival at our rental station, you will need to show us some identification documents. Why? We want to make sure you pick up your rental vehicle and not someone else!! So we will check if your details match. Please remember your driver's license and an ID card (a passport or ID card will suffice).

Before handing over the keys, we ask for a signature or an autograph, depending on your celebrity status! We'll make sure you have everything you need to start your adventure.

A quick reminder. Please do not forget to bring the above types of ID with you. You do not have to print out your booking confirmation.

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